The Rollz Parkinson's Motion Rhythm was developed specifically for people with Parkinson's, a disrupted gait pattern or who experience freezing episodes.

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What is unique about the Parkinson's Motion Rhythm

The Parkinson's Motion Rhythm encourages a rhythmic gait pattern with the help of 3 adjustable cues: laser, sound and vibration. The different modules can be used singularly, or in any combination to help step out of a freezing episode. 

The laser draws a line on the ground to step over, whilst the vibration is felt in the handlebars and a metronome has 2 different sound tones. These different cues can be used to help safely step out of a freezing episode.

The laser, vibration and sound indicate the desired walking rhythm, You choose the cues and set the tempo in the control panel on the rollator. Once set to your own individual needs, simply press the button on the handlebar to start.

Easy to set and activate

The pace of the cues can be gently accelerated to stimulate the user to walk faster.

The pace can also be set slower for smoother movements.

Variation in the pitch of the metronome prevents habituation which in turn helps the user stay focused. These tones can be played via a smartphone.

The vibration, pitch and sound intensity can be adjusted in the corresponding app on the smartphone, Via the app, the pattern length of the cues can be set to your individual needs.


  • Rollator weight 11.6kg
  • Height adjustable 1.6-1.9m
  • Seat height 55cm
  • Handle height adjustable 87-98cm
  • Rollator seat size 20 x 45sm
  • Overall width 67cm
  • Overall length 63cm
  • Width folded 31cm
  • Front wheel diameter 20cm
  • Rear wheel diameter 30cm
  • Maximum user weight 125kg (19st)
  • Optional wheelchair accessory weight 3.4kg
  • Wheelchair seat size 42 x 45m

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