TGA Mobility scooters


All Parkinson's UK supporters receive a 10% discount on every new TGA mobility scooter and on approved used models.

Parkinson's UK will also receive a donation from every sale.

'As a trusted scooter specialist since 1985, we are proud to work in partnership with Parkinson’s UK and offer you a discount – call us on: 0800 804 8377 or visit the TGA Mobility website for more details.

Claiming your discount:
Claim your 10% discount by quoting 'PUK521' when ordering.
Freephone: TGA Mobility’s dedicated Parkinson’s UK team on: 0800 804 8377

We're working with TGA Mobility who provide the widest range of quality mobility scooters in the UK. They offer scooters that are suitable for all lifestyles, individual needs and personal budgets – all backed up by a complete service package. Delivering utmost reliability, comfort and style, TGA mobility scooters help you enjoy the outdoors on your own terms and with peace of mind.

What mobility scooter features will help me?

TGA mobility scooters have been specifically designed with simple controls and easy steering. They are perfect if you have limited dexterity or reduced strength as buttons are large and require minimal pressure to operate. Speed and direction can be managed comfortably especially as left or right hand controls can be specified – ideal if you are stronger on one side. Each scooter is responsive so you will feel in control.

Being seen and safe when out and about is so important, this is why almost all TGA scooters come with high-visibility lights and a clearly audible horn. If you have speech difficulties don’t worry, pedestrians will see and hear you coming, even when you are manoeuvring or parking as all TGA scooters have automatic reverse beepers.

Plus, enjoy ample legroom which means you can stretch out your legs and avoid getting stiff or cramped up. Every TGA scooter has been designed with you in mind – a vital consideration when selecting a scooter.

How can I choose the ideal mobility scooter?

As there are so many different types of mobility scooter available these days, it is essential you select the right one for your personal needs. If you chose the perfect scooter for your abilities and lifestyle it will maximise your independence, comfort and enjoyment.

This is why TGA offers a comprehensive assessment process so we can fully understand your individual mobility challenges and recommend a scooter to suit. We will support you every step-of-the-way from initial phone call and free home demonstration through to driver training and after sales care. We want you to get the most out of life through a quality and reliable scooter that you feel confident driving on a daily basis. We welcome friends, family and healthcare professionals to join you during an assessment. 

What if I need more assistance?

If driving a scooter is too challenging, then a quality wheelchair or powerchair will really help. However, it is important to choose a product that is ergonomic, reliable and offers effective lumbar support.

The TGA Strongback wheelchair has been designed with a contoured backrest to reduce slumping or slouching. This award-winning product is available as a self-propel model or an attendant-controlled version.  

The big plus of choosing a Strongback to help with Parkinson’s is that it is totally compatible with the TGA wheelchair powerpack. This clever motorised unit and wheel fits right under the Strongback so powered assistance is provided when pushing the wheelchair. In fact, the four powerpacks in the TGA range all eliminate the strain of propelling a wheelchair, even over uneven terrain and up slopes. Easy to control and fast to fit, the TGA powerpack is the perfect powered partner for the Strongback wheelchair.

Finally, if powered independent mobility is what you are looking for, then our pioneering WHILL Model C is the answer. This next generation personal mobility vehicle looks like no other powerchair on the market through ultra-contemporary styling and high quality engineering. It encompasses ‘omni’ all-directional front wheels that rotate forwards and sideways – amazing manoeuvrability for uncompromised access. WHILL Model C is freedom, redefined.

The TGA Mobility range

With free home demonstrations and strictly no obligation to buy, TGA Mobility aims to understand the challenges you face through personalised assessment. TGA will only ever recommend the ideal mobility scooter for your needs. Peace of mind is provided by comprehensive warranties, guarantees and outstanding after sales service. You can choose from new and approved used scooters and there are also finance packages available.

TGA mobility scooters include:

Compact/transportable mobility scooters – folding designs and scooters that dismantle for flexible storage at home or when travelling by car, bus, train and plane.

  • Scooter suggestions include: Minimo, Minimo Plus, Minimo Autofold, Zest, Zest Plus, Maximo.

Medium-sized mobility scooters – 4-8mph scooters with extra features and comfort for mid-range travel on urban streets or rural trails.

  • Scooter suggestions include: Breeze Midi 3, Breeze Midi 4, Vita Lite,  Maximo Plus.

Large mobility scooters – 8mph scooters for maximum stability and comfort on longer journeys and when tackling more challenging terrain.

  • Scooter suggestions include: Breeze S4, Breeze S3, Vita E, Vita S, Vita X, Supersport.

 Approved Used – TGA provides an extensive range of ex-demonstration and second hand mobility scooters; all serviced and quality checked for peace of mind.

VAT exception is available on a number of TGA scooters to those who are eligible. Further information on eligibility and VAT exemption can be found on our information on our VAT relief page.

Customer testimonials:

“I love my Minimo. It travels with me wherever I go as it is so easy to drive in restricted spaces, I have been driving it around at home. The fact that I can get the Minimo into the car in one piece is a big plus for me.”
Janet Murray, Minimo owner with Parkinson’s from North West Scotland

 “My ‘Harley’ has made such a dramatic difference to my life. The robust chassis and large wheels enable my Supersport scooter to handle most terrain and I’ve been deemed ‘cool’ by my grandchildren! It is a fantastic machine.”

Beth Roberts, Supersport owner with Parkinson’s from Cornwall