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01772 957 556

NRS Healthcare's dedicated Parkinson's UK helpline

Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm

Our partnership

NRS Healthcare is a trusted provider of quality daily living aids.

You can order by calling NRS on their Parkinson's UK dedicated number 01772 957 556. Plus, we’ve teamed up with NRS Healthcare to offer you a 10% discount. Mention Parkinson’s UK before paying for your discount. And for every sale made that mentions our name, NRS Healthcare will make a donation to us.

Rea Azalea wheelchair

The Azalea Tilt in Space Wheelchair is proven to help people with Parkisons’s increase their comfort and mobility.

The chair tilts backwards while maintaining your hip angle, allowing you to remain in the same position but with reduced pressure on your spine and pelvis.

Recommended by professionals

The Rea Azalea wheelchair is recommended by professionals. Built for comfort, it offers a good range of positions and is easily adjustable.

Every part of the seat is adjustable so you can adapt it to your own support needs.

NRS Healthcare is the leading provider of Community Equipment, Technology Enabled Care, Wheelchair services and clinical services in the UK.

Customer testimonials

Here are some testimonials, if you'd like to share your thoughts on the NRS Healthcare, please get in touch with them on the NRS Healthcare website.


London, UK

“NRS Healthcare assessed and delivered my Mum’s wheelchair all in the same day, just three days after my initial phone call. The Azalea has helped us to get Mum out into the garden and allows her carers to easily move her around during the day. The tilt in space function has helped Mum feel safer and more comfortable in her chair.”


Scotland, UK

"Dad loves his new wheelchair! Before this, on bad days, he was often stuck in the house, but now we’re able to easily move him around the house and into the garden."

01772 957 556

NRS Healthcare's dedicated Parkinson's UK helpline

Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm