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0800 804 8377

TGA's dedicated Parkinson's UK helpline

Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm

Our partnership

We’ve partnered with TGA to help Parkinson’s UK members stay independent with TGA mobility scooters, available in a range of sizes. To help you find the scooter to fit your individual needs, TGA will book a home demonstration with a qualified regional advisor so that you can try their products with no pressure to buy. And for every scooter, wheelchair or Rollbuddy sold, TGA makes a 10% donation to Parkinson’s UK!

Parkinson’s and
TGA's products

TGA’s scooters handle all sorts of terrain including street, hills, grass and even beach to help you regain your independence wherever you are. And their scooters are designed to look as good as they feel. Purchasing a scooter with TGA is just the beginning. With a dedicated team of customer service experts and engineers just a phone call away, you’ll always feel supported.

An award winning scooter

The award winning Breeze S4 offers advanced comfort, perfomance and looks. Its active, adjustable suspension and powerful motor make kerbs and rough ground a breeze! The controls are easy to use. And a range of options and upgrades mean you can tailor the scooter to your needs.


The Rollbuddy is a sleek indoor rollator with a modern design you will be pleased to have around your home! The Rollbuddy is lightweight and effortless to manoeuvre, with a braking system that gives you security, stability and confidence.

The removable anti-slip tray keeps your essentials safe and easy to grab, and the height of your Rollbuddy can also be adjustated to fit your needs. The Rollbuddy is available in matte black, silver or a copper finish to blend into any interior.

TGA have over 30 years experience

Customer testimonials

Here are some testimonials, if you'd like to share your thoughts on TGA's products, please get in touch with them on the TGA website.



“I love my Minimo. It travels with me wherever I go. I can now visit the local shops independently and go out to enjoy the beautiful coastline. I can get the Minimo into the car which is a big plus for me.”


Cornwall, UK

“My Supersport has made such a dramatic difference to my life. The robust chassis and large wheels enable the scooter to handle most terrain. It gives my family and I even more independence and time together - it is a fantastic machine.”

0800 804 8377

TGA's dedicated Parkinson's UK helpline

Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm