Theraposture adjustable beds and chairs

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Theraposture is a leading ethical adjustable bed and chair specialist that has been helping people with Parkinson’s and other long term progressive conditions since 1981. 

Personalised video assessments and product demonstrations are now available with our equipment specialists

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Throughout June and July new Rotoflex beds will received a 5-year extended warranty instead of 3, and refurbished beds will come with a        3-year warranty instead of 1.


Case study: Rotoflex bed helps determined retired RAF Nurse with Parkinson’s to remain at home


Get in and out of a bed or a chair independently with a bespoke design that is handmade in any combination of size, function and style.  With the reassurance of our 14-day Suitability Guarantee and free no obligation demonstrations, you can avoid expensive care costs and enjoy living at home for longer. 

Our Trusted Assessors are highly experienced and understand the challenges you may face. Following an assessment of your individual needs they will recommend the right product to make life easier for you.

Trust us to get it right for you.  We give you a 14 day suitability guarantee for peace of mind

Most Theraposture beds and chairs are perfect for  their new owners and immediately make a huge difference. However on the rare occasion something is not quite right, options and solutions are always available.  

We can either:

  • Adapt the product to overcome the issue
  • Remake the product or supply a different product to the equivalent value
  • Collect the product and refund the costs in full, less delivery and collection costs



A world’s first from Theraposture – the Rotoflex is the ONLY rotating bed that can be supplied with an electrically rising foot / heel support to provide full support of the entire elevated leg.

Previously all rotating beds had to include a static mattress section between the rotational sleeping surface and the footboard – to ensured the arc of the turning mattress and legs did not clash with the footboard.  Not anymore with the introduction of this pioneering option from Theraposture.  

  • A unique feature that provides more comfort and support for people with Parkinson’s 
  • Absolutely vital for individuals who need to raise their legs in bedA unique feature to relieve oedema (swollen legs), pressure care and circulation issues
  • Eliminates the need for additional loose supports such as pillows and cushions
  • Advanced engineering elevates users’ legs and feet in a smooth and controlled manner


The Rotoflex rotating bed – the original and ultimate solution for getting in and out of bed

It has been developed continuously over 20 years to become a very sophisticated and reliable solution that is ideally suited to those struggling with bed transfers, particularly when living with Parkinson’s. 

  • Helps you get into and out of bed on your own terms
  • Vertical rise from chair position to help you stand – it will intentionally NOT tip you forward
  • Fully electric rotation, profiling and height adjustment
  • Sequential program operated by just holding one button
  • Choice of sizes and heights including low access option
  • Choice of finishes and styles
  • Rental option
  • Can be used by one person or as part of a combination bed for a couple to share
  • Choice of new or refurbished beds
  • Guaranteed generous buy back scheme


Adjustable beds - for one person or couples to share.

We can manufacture beds in any combination of size, style, function or appearance. We will assess your needs in detail and make exactly what you require for maximum comfort and independence.

  • Choice of electrically powered profiling; variable height; or profiling and variable height
  • Enjoy greater comfort - achieve your own ideal position
  • Sit and stand in a more controlled manner
  • Superb range of quality mattresses




Adjustable chairs - tailor-made for personalised comfort.

Our adjustable chairs or ‘rise and recliners’ deliver high levels of support, quality and style to people living with Parkinson’s. 

  • Choose from a vast range of functions, styles and quality fabrics
  • Sit, stand and recline safely with smooth and controlled powered movement
  • Made-to-measure designs for better posture