The Strolll Cue Markers have been developed specifically for people with Parkinson's to improve gait, reduce the risk of falls, and improve your mobility and independence.

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What are Strolll Cue Markers?

Strips of adhesive floor tape designed for visual cueing of movement in Parkinson's.

How do Strolll Cue Markers work?

The markers are placed as horizontal lines on the floor and create a visual cue to guide you where to step. By either placing your foot on each line, or stepping over the line like an obstacle, your brain may be prompted to walk.


Click here to see the Cue Markers in use. 

Where can Strolll Cue Markers be used?

Anywhere indoors! In the home, hospitals, cafe's, shops and commercial buildings to make more places accessible for the Parkinson's community. 


  • Certified, class 1 medical device
  • Can be used on any floor surface
  • Bevelled edges to reduce the risk of trips and falls
  • Strong adhesive and durable material that will not rip, tear or lift
  • PVC surface
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Pre-printed cut lines every 60cm, cut with scissors
  • Easy to remove
  • Can be mopped or vacuumed over. Do not use a steam cleaner directly on the Cue Markers, as it could affect the adhesion

Length 12m. Width 5cm.

How to use

Select a colour option that contrasts with your floor surface. Cut to desired length using scissors.

Follow manufacturer's instructions and apply to a clean dry surface. Do not overlap. To mitigate any potential damage, cut a small sample of the tape, apply and leave for 48 hours then inspect site. Apply at your own risk, Strolll will not accept any liability for any damage caused to floor surfaces.

'For people with Parkinson's this is such a clever tool to combat walking difficulties. I love the fact the Strolll have created such a simple product but underneath you can see it has been very well thought out and designed' - Chris

Can I return the Strolll markers if they don't work for me?

Yes, return within 14 days for a full refund on the price of the product. 

Can I find out more about the product?

Yes, or email

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